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Elevate your business with cloud-native services from Digitz, unlocking faster product innovation,
reduced costs, and enhanced agility. Our adept team aims to deliver exceptional scalability,
accessibility, and data security through our comprehensive cloud development services.

Cloud technology provides the technical agility for swift software deployment:

Almost everyone is utilizing the cloud in some capacity, even if they are unaware of it. Cloud computing has seamlessly integrated into the operations of digital-first organizations. At Digitz, our skilled experts can assist you in developing cloud-native apps or migrating your existing applications to the cloud. We facilitate business transformation by reducing costs, expediting development turnaround, ensuring secure and scalable solutions, and employing agile integration methodologies.

About Digitz

We are a custom software development company that drives innovation, transformation, and growth at forward-thinking organizations.

Our mission is to create digital products & campaigns that help businesses acquire value and observe growth. Working with Blank Space gives you a full opportunity to strengthen your brand in today’s world offering full-service digital solutions.

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  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • 50+ Experience Team of Developers & Designer
  • 100+ Happy Clients of Multiple Industries

Leaders in Cloud Service Innovation

As a distinguished provider of Cloud Services, we've partnered with a diverse range of clients to deliver cutting-edge solutions across various industries.

Healthcare Systems

Data is a huge asset in healthcare. Our cloud services help healthcare facilities maintain the latest patient records that can be accessed whenever and wherever possible. The data can be updated regularly and instantly, leading to patients receiving speedy and accurate treatment based on the latest data.

Leaders in Cloud Service Innovation

As a distinguished provider of Cloud Services, we've partnered with a diverse range of clients to deliver cutting-edge solutions across various industries.


Secure your large amount of streaming data with the help of our cloud-based services and make it available for your multiple users to watch it anytime anywhere.

Leaders in Cloud Service Innovation

As a distinguished provider of Cloud Services, we've partnered with a diverse range of clients to deliver cutting-edge solutions across various industries.

Financial Services Platforms

Maximize financial transactions and data security with our cloud-based financial services platforms. Enjoy seamless banking, investment, and payment functionalities with our secure and scalable solutions.

Leaders in Cloud Service Innovation

As a distinguished provider of Cloud Services, we've partnered with a diverse range of clients to deliver cutting-edge solutions across various industries.


Scale your virtual education setup with all the students. Allow teachers to upload necessary academic notes, assignments, and videos onto a cloud platform and students can access the same from this platform in a secure manner.

Why Digitz

With many years of proven experience in providing cutting-edge cloud-based product engineering solutions across diverse sectors, including automotive and manufacturing, our certified cloud professionals offer unmatched expertise. Whether you're a startup venturing into the cloud or a Fortune 500 seeking advanced capabilities, our team has custom solutions to meet your unique business demands.

How Digtiz’s Cloud Services Help

Hosted Server Solutions

Gain greater availability, flexibility, and scalability by moving from premise-based servers to virtual servers.

VOIP Business Solutions

Eliminate downtime, dropped calls, and maintenance issues with VoIP’s seamless and redundant connectivity.

Private Cloud

Achieve maximum security, speed, and reliability with dedicated private cloud services in advanced data centers.

Cloud Migration Services

Experience a smooth cloud migration with expert strategy management, project planning, and seamless execution.

Virtual Desktop Solutions

Prevent operating system obsolescence with secure web access to productivity and business applications hosted in geographically redundant data centers.

Azure Cloud Services

Adopt Microsoft’s innovative “pay as you go” ecosystem, providing over 200 cloud services for building, managing, and deploying a comprehensive suite of applications.

Tech Stack

Here is what our Cloud Services process looks like

Gathering Requirements
Our process initiates with a comprehensive analysis of your existing systems, delineation of business requirements, assessment of technical prerequisites, and identification of skill gaps within your internal teams.
Our seasoned architects and engineers conduct a thorough examination of cloud infrastructure and craft wireframes, features, and architecture for the development phase.
Infrastructure Evaluation & Design
Development & Validation
Next, we harness cloud-based services to build a resilient technology stack and conduct iterative testing to ensure availability and scalability.
Simultaneously with continuous deployment, we refine your applications' architecture to optimize performance in response to evolving system dynamics.
Deployment & Architectural Refinement


Find out more about our Cloud Services

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Find bonus information here that is otherwise hard to find, or simply book a free call with our consultants for in-depth knowledge about Digitz’s cloud services.

Cloud services are cloud solutions provided and managed by third parties, such as consulting firms, developers, manufacturers, Managed Services Providers (MSPs), and Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs). These services can be part of an MSP agreement or purchased as individual monthly subscriptions.

Managed cloud offerings vary based on business requirements, with popular options including:

-- AI subscriptions or consulting
-- Azure IoT
-- Backup and Disaster Recovery
-- Business Intelligence
-- DevOps
-- Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
-- Email Security
-- Internet Security and Content Filtering
-- Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
-- Managed Detection and Response
-- Microsoft 365 (M365)
-- Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory)
-- Network Security
-- Vulnerability Management

Safeguarding your data is paramount. To mitigate the risk of accidental deletion, we advocate for utilizing our cloud services. With our solutions, you benefit from:

. Automated Backup: Scheduled backups guarantee data recoverability at all times.

. Disaster Recovery Plans: Robust strategies ensure swift data restoration during unforeseen circumstances.

. Secure File Management: Utilize secure file sharing and storage options for enhanced data protection.

These provisions ensure the safety and accessibility of your data, reducing the likelihood of inadvertent loss.

At Digitz, we take proactive steps to ensure the security of our clients' cloud environments. Our approach includes:

. Encryption: Employing robust encryption methods to protect data both in transit and at rest.

. Compliance Adherence: Strictly following regulatory compliance standards to maintain data privacy and security.

. Continuous Monitoring: Regularly monitoring cloud activities to detect and respond to any security incidents promptly.

. Access Management: Implementing stringent access controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

. Data Backup Strategy: Establishing comprehensive data backup procedures to mitigate the risk of data loss.

. Multifactor Authentication: Implementing multifactor authentication mechanisms to strengthen user authentication processes.

We've got some big projects under our belt

Coke Studio, an influential music television series, sought to deepen its engagement with fans by creating a comprehensive loyalty hub.

Digitz conceptualized and developed the "Endless Shelf" application, a pioneering digital tool that integrates directly with tablets positioned in Carrefour store aisles.

Toyota, one of the world's leading automotive manufacturers, sought to strengthen its brand-consumer relationship through innovative digital solutions.

Magnum, renowned for its premium ice cream and luxurious chocolate coatings, aimed to enhance the customer experience at food festivals and malls by leveraging innovative technology.

Nestlé, a global leader in nutrition, health, and wellness, sought to optimize its website to better align with its brand values, enhance user experience, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

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