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Our services include dedicated teams of developers,
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Why Digitz Dedicated Development Team?

Boost your development process with a dedicated software development team from Digitz. We provide dedicated team services for all project sizes and industries. Our teams include experienced programmers, mobile app developers, DevOps engineers, and other experts committed exclusively to your project.

About Digitz

We are a custom software development company that drives innovation, transformation, and growth at forward-thinking organizations.

Our mission is to create digital products & campaigns that help businesses acquire value and observe growth. Working with Blank Space gives you a full opportunity to strengthen your brand in today’s world offering full-service digital solutions.

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  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • 50+ Experience Team of Developers & Designer
  • 100+ Happy Clients of Multiple Industries

Innovative Leaders in providing secure solution

As Cyber Security Experts, we've collaborated with diverse clients to deliver more secure solutions as per their business needs.


We can help the banking sector by providing specialized talent for projects like compliance and digital transformation, offering cost efficiency and scalability. This enables banks to quickly adjust team sizes based on project demands without long-term commitments.

Innovative Leaders in providing secure solution

As Cyber Security Experts, we've collaborated with diverse clients to deliver more secure solutions as per their business needs.


We helped education sectors by providing specialized talent for projects like LMS development and educational software management, ensuring cost efficiency and scalability.

Innovative Leaders in providing secure solution

As Cyber Security Experts, we've collaborated with diverse clients to deliver more secure solutions as per their business needs.


We facilitate the ecommerce sector by providing specialized talent for tasks like website development, digital marketing, and inventory management, ensuring cost efficiency and scalability. This empowers ecommerce businesses to swiftly adapt to market trends and scale their operations without long-term commitments.

Why Digitz

We go beyond just designing and developing your web presence by offering business-oriented solutions that match your needs and represent your brand values. Our experienced developers and digital artisans deliver state-of-the-art solutions with a modern appeal, engaging more people online. Use advanced tools and the latest technologies to create a robust web solution that fulfills your requirements.

Benefits of Team as a Service

Unleash global collaboration, scalability, and innovation with Team as a Service

Access to Talent

Facing a talent shortage? Our dedicated development team is your solution, with over 200K+ developers ready to quickly augment your team. Digitz offers diverse tech stacks, seniority levels, and English proficiency.

Simple Scalability

Easily scale your team as needed. Hire one developer or several as your project demands. Adjust your team size based on workload changes, and let us handle hiring and firing.

Direct Communication

Maintain regular contact with your developers, who work exclusively on your project. Communicate your requirements directly to the team to ensure your vision is realized.

Quick Start

Avoid lengthy hiring processes by outsourcing. Hire a dedicated team in India for faster project initiation and fewer hiring challenges. Start your project immediately with a ready team.

Talent Management

Outsource your development to avoid HR hassles. Digitz handles all employee benefits and uses effective talent management techniques to ensure loyalty and retention.

Optimal Budget

Benefit from India’s affordable development rates. Digitz offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Choose between hourly rates or a fixed price model to stay within budget.

What does your TaaS team structure look like?

Depending on your needs and in-house capabilities, we create a full-stack TaaS team that encompasses all the technical skills required for your project. Although the size of each TaaS team may vary, they generally include these key roles:

Front end engineers
Front end engineers
Back-end engineers
Back-end engineers
UX/ UI designers
UX/ UI designers
DevOps engineers
DevOps engineers
QA engineers/ Testers
QA engineers/ Testers
Project manager
Project manager

Here is what our TaaS process looks like

Requirements gathering
Provide us with the details of your project, and we'll start finding the perfect team for you.
Connect with our top-tier professionals and conduct interviews to ensure the right fit for your project.
Select from a curated list of experts and bring the best talent onboard.
Kick off your project with your new team and achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.
Get to work

Find out more about our IT staff augmentation

Have any questions? Make sure you read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to clear out any confusion.

Find bonus information here that is otherwise hard to find, or simply book a free call with our consultants for in-depth knowledge about TaaS services.

Team as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing solution that allows you to boost your team’s skills without conventional hiring. It’s like forming a software team from scratch, but an external provider handles it for you. Imagine TaaS as borrowing football players on loan rather than signing them to expensive long-term contracts.

TaaS, or Talent as a Service, provides your business with unparalleled flexibility, cost-efficiency, and access to top-tier expertise. By leveraging TaaS, you can:

. Reduce overhead costs associated with traditional hiring.
. Access a diverse pool of skilled professionals on demand.
. Scale your workforce quickly to meet project demands.
. Save time on recruitment and onboarding processes.
. Mitigate hiring risks with vetted talent and flexible contract terms.

Unlock the full potential of your business with TaaS and experience seamless scalability and superior results.

The cost of hiring a TaaS team varies depending on factors such as project scope, required expertise, and duration of engagement. TaaS offers flexible pricing models tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to pay for the talent you need, when you need it, without the overhead costs of traditional hiring. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and receive a personalized cost estimate.

When choosing a TaaS team, consider factors beyond cost, such as:

. Expertise and Experience: Ensure the team has the skills and background necessary to meet your project requirements.

. Reputation and Track Record: Look for a provider with a proven history of successful placements and satisfied clients.

. Communication and Collaboration: Assess their communication style and ability to collaborate effectively with your internal team.

. Flexibility and Scalability: Choose a provider that can adapt to your changing needs and scale the team as required.

. Support and Service: Evaluate the level of support and service provided throughout the engagement to ensure a smooth and successful partnership.

We've got some big projects under our belt

Coke Studio, an influential music television series, sought to deepen its engagement with fans by creating a comprehensive loyalty hub.

Digitz conceptualized and developed the "Endless Shelf" application, a pioneering digital tool that integrates directly with tablets positioned in Carrefour store aisles.

Toyota, one of the world's leading automotive manufacturers, sought to strengthen its brand-consumer relationship through innovative digital solutions.

Magnum, renowned for its premium ice cream and luxurious chocolate coatings, aimed to enhance the customer experience at food festivals and malls by leveraging innovative technology.

Nestlé, a global leader in nutrition, health, and wellness, sought to optimize its website to better align with its brand values, enhance user experience, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

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