Digitz - Digital Agency

What We Do

Strategy & Planning

Considering opportunities, aims and vision of the client is necessary while planning and making digital strategy. We identify what customers want and accordingly produce a customer-driven strategy to maximize your benefits.

You discover your market, and more importantly, you understand the right channels to use in order to reach them more effectively. By helping you learn what they want, we give you what you want.
To help you figure out your ideal market and consumer, we use:

  • Innovation Planning
  • Account Planning
  • Customer Insight
  • Marketing & Media Strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Metrics Definition & Analytics
  • Advertising & Planning

    We focus on media that adds maximum value to your business. With so many available options, organizations need to choose the best medium through which to speak to their market.

    You get immediate attention from your audience, because they know you are speaking directly and specifically to them. This isn’t simply advertising, this is approachable advertising.
    To help you home in on the right media, we share our expertise in:

  • Media Planning + Buying
  • Affinity + Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Influence Marketing(TM)
  • Display Ad Creative
  • Rich Media
  • Microsites
  • Brand Identity
  • Interaction Design

    The marketing world has changed now. Convincing people to choose your brand means letting them experience the benefits that come from choosing you.

    Because we fuse an understanding of your business with appropriate aesthetics, we provide you with designs that speak to you, and through you.
    To help your consumers appreciate your unique benefits, we offer:

  • Brand Marketing Sites
  • Corporate Sites
  • B2B Sites
  • eCommerce + Self-Service Sites
  • Destination + Media Sites
  • Emerging Media

    In the digital world, every day sees the birth of a new medium, channel, or application that can be used to work for you. At Digitz, we believe in knowing about the future and embracing novel technologies and platforms as quickly as they come.

    Knowing that we have taken care of the travel details, you get the confidence to venture into the future in pursuit of the desired outcomes for your brands.
    To help you see which new technology is right for you, we match your business with:

  • Mobile
  • Interactive Video
  • Gaming
  • Social Media Strategy

    How you interact with your customers will set the perception for your company. Our unique solutions for social media branding, social media platforms maintenance and social media audit bring you into the spotlight.

    By increasing your online visibility, you get people talking about you. This means that at the end of the day, you don’t have to go after them; they will come looking for you.
    Our smart strategies to lift up your brand socially include:

  • Community Management
  • Social Media Audit
  • Apps + Social Gaming
  • Platform Creation
  • Content Curation
  • Search

    It’s human nature to search for the best options. When people need something, they look it up on search engines. To be the one your consumer chooses, you need to spark at the top of the search engine.

    With our strategies rooted in delivering maximum Return-on-Investment (ROI), your brand leads the search engine rankings, and cashes in as our SEO efforts mint money for you.
    To keep you coming at the top of the list, we offer:

  • Paid Search
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Feed Management
  • Mobile

    Mobile services are the most effective way to position your brand. As people become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones for more than just calls and messages, new opportunities for applications, games, sites, alerts and other features are on a continual rise.

    When your brand is the one they play with, your brand becomes the one they live with.

  • Mobile App Development
  • SMS Campaign Activation
  • Mobile Games
  • Mobile Sites
  • Architecture Development

    Real world enterprises building online enterprises must realize that the web is a different world. It is important to develop infrastructure that props up applications and helps the enterprise as it grows.

    Our expertise and thorough knowledge of the importance of brand identities means that we don’t only craft your digital face; we also install its brain.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Services
  • Content Management System
  • eCRM
  • Tech Support
  • Email & eCRM

    In its many forms, the written word has worked for centuries, but these days it’s very easy for email to get thrown into the trash. However, when used effectively, email is a most powerful took to directly reach your consumers.

    Through our fantastically designed emails and database of email addresses, you intensify your links and eCRM system for better communication that can convert prospects into faithful customers.
    To get your message across, we give you:

  • Email Acquisition + Lead Generation
  • eCRM Program Management
  • eLoyalty + Promotions
  • Analytics

    Business without numbers means business without outcomes, but numbers can be stressful and exhausting. With our proper data maintenance and query solutions, we save you time and energy that can be utilized in other areas.

    Because we collate the date, extract the information and present you with quick analyses, you get the insights which help you plan your future in a better, improved way.
    For faster and better online data analysis and greater business intelligence, you can count on our services that include:

  • Campaign Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Custom Reporting
  • Package Implementation
  • On and Off Page Optimization