Digitz - Digital Agency

Who We Are

Digitz is a full service digital media agency focused on delivering end-to-end digital media and marketing solutions to brands and companies across the globe.
We are a crew of digital enthusiasts who specialize in digital marketing strategy, social media management, content creation, web & mobile development, creative execution, SEO/SEM, digital media planning, i-video and all the other digital services the world is yet to see.

We strive towards digitally interactive lives for the always-on world. Knowing that our audience is exposed to digital, retail, social, mobile and commerce all within a moment, we believe that the best way for brands to have a meaningful impact is to fill all disconnections from our daily lives. We are denizens of a world which is rich in consumer interaction, engaging behavior and building connections that result in an outburst of diverse stories. Therefore, we only work towards creating such interactions, engagements and conversations that surpass digital platforms on a daily basis – This is where digital comes to life.

Our collaborative culture celebrates breakthrough ideas and the diverse people who dream them and make them real through a unique connectedness of perspectives and disciplines.
In a world defined by rapid-fire seismic shifts in the way people live and the tools at their disposal, we believe that a culture that celebrates transformation – and the power of human potential to shape it – is the optimal breeding ground for progress. When you connect the right mix of minds and passions, and give them a place to change the world, they do.


    Our core values live at all levels. They’re the set of behaviors that give us the ability to do the impossible.

    o  Believability

    o  Difference

    o  Transparency

    o  Evolution

  • Maximize Your Digital Footprint

    We are: the first of its kind – flag-bearers for the digital age of doing business.

    We have: years of experience in exceptional consultancy solutions.

    We help: you go online and earn millions through new audiences and multiplied revenue streams. We offer: a full set of digital marketing services including interactive branding.

    We understand the evolution of technology and its impact on consumer behavior and interaction. Different from other agencies, we believe that it’s not only about reaching people, but also engaging with them through stories.
    Don't mistake us as an agency that just plans and buy media. We create interactive digital programs for our clients enabling them to engage with their target audience and believe digital marketing is not about how many people one can reach to but how these people are engaged and turned into influencers.

  • Our Story

    Since 2010, we have helped our clients build great brands by creating, engaging digital experiences.

    Enriching Interactivity

    Content. Conversations. Interactions.
    With extensive research and insights lying at the core of our business strategy, we aim at providing solutions that go beyond the needs of the client and connects the consumer with the brand in a personal way. Every second, a story is created and we help make these stories go big. We believe one good interaction can cause a ripple effect that disrupts communication gaps, sparking endless conversations.
    We understand that the world evolves every second and we aim at staying a step forward to embrace the challenges that change brings with it. Every change is an opportunity and we aim at leveraging this opportunity to its best.

    Being quipped with in-depth knowledge of digital and the desire to be on top of the game, we provide strategic solutions that not only yield in numbers but spans across business strategies and brand experiences to achieve industry goals. Housing the finest talent from the industry, we work together in building a business framework that is digital at the core and social at heart.